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Champion Fiberglass, Inc., is the leading supplier of fiberglass conduit and strut for the electrical and mechanical markets. Our headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Spring, Texas.

Champion Fiberglass began production of epoxy fiberglass conduit and fittings in 1988. The company has the most advanced production facilities for manufacturing fiberglass conduit in North America. A well-trained and highly efficient workforce utilizes proprietary high-speed winding equipment and high-temperature curing ovens to ensure consistent production standards for the highest-quality fiberglass conduit on the market.

In 1989, Champion Fiberglass developed the first conduit from epoxy resins that had flame resistance and low smoke characteristics, meeting the most stringent codes and specifications. Today this conduit system has been integrated into the CHAMPION DUCT® system and is UL Listed and CSA certified for both below- and above-ground use.

Another milestone evolved in 2006 when Champion Fiberglass completed development of a Phenolic Conduit System, FLAME SHIELD®. It is now the number one choice conduit for subways, including tunnels and stations. FLAME SHIELD conforms to the NFPA 130 requirements.

In 2008, CHAMPION HAZ DUCT® (XW Type fiberglass conduit) was allowed for use in Class I Div 2 installations, per the National Electrical Code (NEC). Champion Fiberglass accomplished this after having worked with UL and NEC on this issue for many years.

In 2016, Champion Fiberglass’s Haz Duct® XW conduit was UL 2515-A Listed for extended support spacing distances—the first and only fiberglass conduit manufacturer to have achieved this distinction. Now Champion Fiberglass’s Standard, Medium, and Heavy Wall conduit are UL 2515 Listed for extended support spacing distances measuring beyond those offered by PVC and other fiberglass manufacturers, and in the same arena as GRC and PVC-coated steel.

Champion Fiberglass is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. We ensure our customers the highest quality products and customer satisfaction available in our industry.